Feeling Blue…


Feeling Blue….
Some days you just want to do different….
I took down twists I’ve been wearing all week and had a gorgeous twist-out. I decided to test ran a tube of hair mascara that has been sitting pretty in my product basket.

10698491_10152731429511672_505579296867981508_n  10440935_10152781748611672_8091152472982341165_n

Color application
I first attempted to put it on using the mascara wand, however, I felt that this may snag in the fro causing damage. I then used my fingers to lift color from the wand and smooth it on the hair in a downward motion. It was pretty easy especially because I was not going for perfectly even color.


Love, Peace and Blue Fros


Sometimes my overactive creativity needs an outlet and this weekend my brain was telling me I needed to make a wig…

First was the search for the right hair…that is a long story including getting lost downtown , a trio of trannies, splendid customer service and the loss of a friends’ innocence. I got two bags of Marley hair and a wig cap.

Using a regular crochet needle and a standard wig cap and lots of elbow grease the wig was done in two hours and 45 minutes. This was an achievement considering this was the first time I was using bulk hair to make a wig.
This was the result. At this point I did not know whether to just cut and shape this baby…or curl her up.


I finally decided to curl her up, using 2 bags of flexi rods and 12 perm rods and a kettle of boiling water. This was way easier than I had anticipated and the results were stunning to say the least (if I say so myself).

unnamed                                2
I wore this out to ran errands and later to a concert and night out. I think it looked real nice but somehow I was not feeling her anymore…the allure of just making it wore off as the night progressed and at some point I was so tempted to throw her off and let my hair breathe (maybe that was the vodka talking and not the natural hair gods)…Have I become that girl, a weave/wig hater…gasp! I hope not…


Fun times with my gal Charlotte


Winyo my favourite Kenyan artiste on stage at the go-down….(I know its a crappy pic but it is all I had…)
So after just one day of rocking the wig, the fro is back!! I saturated the hair overnight with Coconut Oil. In the morning I co-washed with Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner and did a green tea rinse to try and combat my breakage.
I used the same Aussie moist as my leave in and followed up with TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer. Styled it into a puff. Cleaned up the edges (im a stickler for sleek edges…does that make me a bad natural …lol) with TGIN Twist and Define Cream. Scarf and voila….. Cute High Puff.


Love, Peace and Fros!




Pinned Up Updo with Pompadour. I colored the Pompadour blonde using eye shadow.



I wore this big puff-esque do for my Doctors Appointment. My tummy has been giving me hell for over a month now, and causing break-outs on my forehead…:(



By Wednesday the loose twists were packing some serious volume; so I ventured into some dread-lock inspired style. and in turned out beautifully. I call this the Barrel Bun. I was feeling all weird from the meds so no face shots.

 ImagePicture 018


I wore the same look as Wednesday just switched up accessories


I was feeling all bright and chipper but had zero energy to change up the hair
Picture 024 ImageImage


I cleansed my scalp with ACV and moisturized the hair with AS I AM Double Butter Cream then styled the hair this way to allow it to air dry sufficiently.

 33Picture 04534


The Kiss

 Picture 060Picture 058Picture 056

Monday Again

My scalp was missing the feel of water on it, so I rinsed the hair under a stream of water, applied my oil mix and sealed with Awali Avocado Butter. I first styled it into an updo with some loose hair but I wasn’t quite feeling it, so I switched it into a tucked bun…which I totally love. By now, the hair does not look anything like twisted hair so I think i’m going to take it down today.


First Attempt…

Picture 061 Picture 065

Picture 067

Twists? Which Twists?

Style for the day…

Picture 066


I have totally enjoyed this look.  Feeds my fix for my Hands In Hair Syndrome all the while my hair is protected.

Inspired by Celestine Mustiso and MsTanish



By Wachu Wanjaria — July 07, 2012


I received a wonderful Tony Airo Product Hamper from Cheki Nywele for following them on Twitter…Yay me!!! It was the first time I’ve ever won anything… I couldn’t wait to try out the products and I have reviewed them all for ya’ll. 


Product Review: Tony Airo’s Coconut Shampoo

Name:  Tony Airo’s Coconut Shampoo
Size: 500ml

My Experience:
My hair does not like shampoo (shampoos dry out my hair something terrible) so I always use shampoos with caution. I added a dollop of pure coconut oil to the shampoo (since it’s a coconut shampoo ;-)) and shampooed once and rinsed. My hair was thoroughly cleaned and did not feel one bit stripped or straw like.

The fragrance was very light and minty, I could live with it

What I think:
For girls who love to shampoo their hair, this is a great product for you. It’s a big bottle and could last you for a very long time.

This product leaves the hair very soft and clean

Product was a gift :-)

Have you tried it? What do you think?



Product Review: Tony Airo’s SIRI Moisturizing Treatment

Product Name: Tony Airo’s SIRI Moisturizing Treatment

Size: 1 ltr

My Experience:
After shampooing my hair I thoroughly towel dried it. I then parted my hair in sections and applied this product from roots to tip as indicated on the bottle. I smoothed it through the hair making sure each strand was generously coated with product. I put on my shower cap and a woolen hat and left it on for 3 hours.

The product description says to leave it on for 10 minutes in a dryer but since I was doing this in the house I had no drier.

I didn’t like the fragrance of this product one bit. It has a menthol like scent which is very overpowering. The scent however does dissipate after rinsing.

As soon as I applied this product, my hair felt so soft and the tangles literally melted away. It was super easy to apply and had AMAZING slip…Oh my goodness this product here is the bomb… after the 3 hours I knew I had a winner! My hair was so soft I didn’t need to comb it as there were no tangles to detangle. I rinsed off the conditioning treatment and actually did a jig…my hair was super soft, shiny and my natural curls were popping…I couldn’t stop touching my hair….

This product leaves the hair very soft and conditioned.

I did not buy my products. But I would buy this product again and again. It is a 1liter bottle so I think it can last me at least two months of weekly deep conditioning treatments

Final Thoughts:
This product is definitely one I will be using in the future, I normally have to add honey and natural oils to get my conditioners to give me good results and I did not need to do that..YAY!!!!

Have you tried it? What do you think?


Product Review: Tony Airo’s SIRI Leave-In Treatment

Product Name: Tony Airo’s SIRI Leave-In Treatment

Size: 250ml

My Experience:
I used this conditioning product to get my hair ready for twists. When I sprayed some of it on my hand it felt very light and watery and I know my hair loves creamier leave-ins…I knew had to layer it with another product to give me the desired results. Again I sectioned my hair then on each section I spritzed the leave in and then applied a dab of Cantu Shea butter. As soon as I smoothed this product onto my hair with my fingers my curls were very defined and my hair felt amazing. I then two strand twisted my hair and my twists were juicy and bouncy!!!

I love, love the fragrance. It was very light and floral.

I love this product but I have to use it with another product if I am twisting my hair . Sisters with relaxed hair would looooove this product.

This product leaves the hair very soft and shiny.

I did not buy this product but I would definitely buy it again and again.

 Have you tried it? What did you think?


My Results


Additional Info


I used the Tony Airo’s SIRI Root Stimulator on my edges and nape…it did not tingle but it felt good on the scalp. I will do a proper review after using this product for two weeks.

 I used the Spa Body Scrub with Chocolate it does an amazing job of exfoliating and invigorating the body. And it’s chocolate scented what’s not to like?

I haven’t had a chance to use the cuticle cream but I’m sure I’ll like it. :-)


Overall, this product hamper was such a treat and I’ll definitely be buying some of these products for my hair and body after these are finished.



If you just have to buy ONE product from this line…girls (and boys) get yourself some of that moisturizing treatment. Your hair will love you for it.



Finished Product



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